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Chasing Yield, Biden Tax Plan & Social Security

The Chinese developer Evergrande has been in the news, the fear is they are over-leveraged and will soon miss interest payments to investors. This caused a big sell-off in the stock market on Monday and spooked some investors to the sidelines. As I write, the markets have recovered from the one-day sell-off. Investors who invested […]

Having a Plan And Sticking To It!

Things usually go right when we follow a recipe. Things quickly turn into a disaster when we improvise or add in things that don’t belong. Let’s add a little more of this and let’s forget this…unless its bacon which makes everything better.  2020 has been a year with lots of distractions with many reasons to […]

Retirement Provisions of CARES Act

The CARES Act is 335 pages and has created a lot of opportunity for proactive tax planning, along with a lot of acronyms – CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act), PPP, PUA, FPUC, EIDL, PPPHCEA & PEUC (Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation) or Payments extend until Christmas. A few of the CARES Act law changes […]

One Day at a Time

As we try and  work our way through the pandemic, it can be very overwhelming looking for the end. One idea is to take an approach of “day to day”. It’s hard to do, but try every day to do something positive Number 1 priority – Keep yourself, family, and the people around you safe […]

Bear Market: What to Do

Bear markets are NO fun and test the long-term investor. This crisis is even more distributing because the coronavirus has thrown our lives upside down and we don’t know the impact of how it will change our lives potential forever. Things we recommend you do – Review your emergency reserve Review your short & long-term […]

Robert’s Co-Authored Document on Taxes

With tax season officially upon us, we wanted to take a moment to: remind everyone to send in their tax documents and information as soon as possible to share a recent white paper (attached) that was co-authored by Robert Walsh. View PDF The paper utilizes real-life case studies and third party analyses to exhibit the […]

Industry Needs to Rid Itself of Misleading Labels

Profound misrepresentation is just one of the many ways the financial services field misleads customers with language. Language matters. Most financial services practitioners call themselves financial planners or financial advisers. But in reality, many, if not most, are salespeople selling products to earn commissions. Why do they call themselves financial planners or financial advisers? Because […]