How We Work.

Investment Philosophy

By working together, we will help you take advantage of opportunities and avoid costly mistakes. Before making any investment decisions, we help you determine where you are and where you’re going. We focus on your priorities and work with all areas of your financial life.

We believe there are simple catalysts for creating long term wealth: consistent dedication to living within your means (saving) and a tax efficient, low cost, effective approach to investing.

Financial security does not require extraordinary income or investment “home runs.” It requires, first and foremost, that you start saving and investing early, and add to your investments consistently.

Strategic Investing

Market prices are based on many competitive buyers and sellers with same public information, but different opinions about the expectations of an investment. Second-guessing them is speculation.

Every investment carries risk of one sort or another. Holding many groups of investments around the world is the best way to reduce the risk that any investment/market materially impacts your wealth.

Investing involves tradeoffs, the most important being the one between stability and growth.  Further, various groups of stocks and bonds carry various degrees of risk and expected return.

Investing is the journey to a personalized financial destination for each investor. Once a plan is formulated, discipline should be maintained in good and bad markets. Investment products come last.

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Financial Planning Process




How Are We Different?

We liberate you from the day-to-day management of your finances.






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Canon of Ethics

As members of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, we agree to the following Canon of Ethics and will uphold it in our dealings with clients, fellow members, and Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, Inc.:


We are in a fiduciary relationship with clients which means that we will put a client’s interests first, before our interests or any others and disclose potential conflicts of interest to all clients and prospective clients.


We will conscientiously complete all work agreed to in a prompt and timely manner.


We will provide financial planning services solely as fee-only advisors. We will act objectively in all matters with clients, and will not accept any commissions based on advice or recommendations given.


We will continuously strive to improve upon the proficiency and the quality of services we provide.


We will maintain the highest level of professional integrity in relationships with clients, associated professionals and government officials.


To the extent allowed by law, we will always hold confidential all information shared with us by potential and contractual clients and by other members and staff of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners.