Lose the Training Wheels, Inc (“LTTW”) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to teaching individuals with disabilities how to ride a two-wheel bicycle.  LTTW teaches over two thousand individuals each year in the United States and Canada how to ride bikes, thereby increasing their health, confidence and independence.

They do this via week-long camps, hosted by local individuals or organizations. Using adapted equipment, trained professionals, and volunteers, the riders have 75 minutes of daily instruction over five days. What is truly amazing is that over 80% of the disabled campers learn to ride a conventional bicycle independently by the end of the week!

Lose The Training Wheels Lincroft 2012 took place August 20-24 at Brookdale Community College. All 40 of the riders and over 100 volunteers worked incredibly hard and LTWL can report that everyone’s lives were changed for the better. Parents saw their children do things they never thought possible, volunteers were rewarded for their hard work with smiles, high-fives and hugs. And most importantly, 40 young people, who spend so much of their time being “different” from other kids, were finally just one of the gang, out for a bike ride on a summer afternoon.


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