A Letter From Our Founder.

When I was nine years old my father died of cancer. Every morning over the months leading up to his death I sat on his bed and we would talk about school, weather, life, sports, where he was going and that he would always watch over us. The one thing that stood out to me as a young boy was that he said, “take care of my wife.” He didn’t say take care of mom. At the time I didn’t understand, but as I reflected I realized she was so much more to him. He wanted the love of his life taken care of and I was the only person he trusted to do so. I have tried to make this defining moment a cornerstone of my life.

Thanks to my dad, I always try to remember to look deeper. At Lighthouse Financial Advisors, Inc., we are entrusted with so much more than managing clients’ assets and taxes. We are entrusted with taking care of families. Yes, it’s important to have a strategic investment philosophy, but to us it’s so much more. We want to liberate you from the complexity of finances so you can enjoy the journey. My Dad didn’t make it to that fictitious end date “retirement,” but I know he enjoyed the journey.

During my early career I became aware of all the flaws, conflicts of interest, and overall lack of integrated wealth management so I set about building a firm that addressed these issues. Our firm’s goal is to deliver not just the highest quality comprehensive and objective wealth management service but to continually provide a breadth and level of service that is generally unavailable at traditional wealth management firms.

Lighthouse Financial Advisors, Inc. is dedicated to being your trusted partner, listening to you and taking care of all the complex financial and tax decisions you will encounter during your journey.

We never forget our clients are people with hopes, dreams, and fears. It is my hope that you get to experience our passion, caring, and dedication to helping you on your unique journey.