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Why I’m Always Rationally Optimistic

Happy New Year !  I am writing you to summarize the following: An overview of 2015 Stock Market Performance (All Data from Morningstar) January nose dive (or normal market volatility) Why I’m always rationally optimistic (Stolen from the title of Matt Ridley’s Book– The Rational Optimist) – and why you should be too. 2015 Total […]

How We are Unique

We differ from most of our competitors in several ways. You should expect a lot from your financial advisor. First, we are compensated exclusively by a flat fee paid by our clients thereby allowing us to work solely in our clients’ best interests. Our clients can trust that we have no agenda other than their […]

JP Morgan Private Banker Pens ‘Sales Culture’ Diatribe

As if the fiduciary standard meme isn’t enough of a debate these days, JPMorgan hopes that nobody notices how far away they are from relative suitability. In fact, the entire JP Morgan private banker model is to shovel as much $JPM product down clients’ throats as they possibly can. Mutual funds, mortgages, trust services, credit […]

On the Right Side of History

story written by fellow ACA member: Sheila Padden, Padden Financial Planning John “Jack” Bogle, founder of the $3 trillion Vanguard Group and the world’s first index mutual fund, spoke to the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP) recently in Philadelphia at our annual conference. Why did one of the investment industry’s “Giants of the 20th Century” choose […]

Best Year Ever

The New Year is a great time to reflect on what has happened over the past year. It’s also a great time to sketch a draft map for the years ahead. Like any journey, the past year and the years ahead will have plenty of twists and turns. With your own “UNIQUE” map, you can easily […]

2013 Tax Changes Require Thorough Year-End Tax Planning

Taxpayers making more than $250,000 (married filing jointly (MFJ)), or $200,000 (single), may experience 2013 marginal tax rate increases ranging from 13% to 189% over current 2012 rates  – Taxable estate of $5,120,000 will see an increase of 22,659,990.00% over 2012 – if your estate is over $5,120,00 have your food tested at all family […]

Then & Now

As the new year begins, financial markets continue to be gripped by uncertainty over developments in the Eurozone crisis. While not seeking to downplay the anxiety generated by these events, particularly in relation to their effects on investment portfolios, it’s worth reflecting critically on the 20th century, and putting current events in perspective: Nearly 100 […]

Low interest rates

Refinance your mortgage to the lowest fixed rate possible for your situation. Remember you can’t time the market. Savings accounts, money markets and bonds are for liquidity. These holdings over the long term lower your portfolio’s standard deviation and allow you to stay fully invested in equities. From the Warren Buffett annual newsletter – More […]