7 Steps to Success

7 Steps to Success


1: Gratitude and appreciation.

Believe it or not, gratitude is the closest thing to a ‘magic pill’ you can take. (Use a daily gratitude Journal.  During your next meeting, ask us about our 21 days of Gratitude we recently complete here at LFA.)

2: Add value to the world and solve problems for others.

Become a problem solver and a value adder, don’t complain find solutions.

3: Help others succeed.

The more you give the more receive back. But the more you help others succeed, the more success
you’ll have in return.  It’s how the universe works.

4: Value your time.

Time management is critical to happiness and success. Set deadlines. Create rewards. Do whatever it takes to guard and protect your time. Time is your most precious commodity.

5: Hard work always, always, always pays off.

Most people aren’t prepared for what it takes to be successful because success requires a sacrifice and
delayed gratification. Your hard work will eventually pay off.

6: Seek out and follow a mentor or coach.

Find someone to be accountable to. Someone who helps you see things differently. You need positive role models to follow and copy. This is how you make faster progress. This is how you maximize your full potential.

7: Surround yourself with positive and successful people.

After all, you become who you hang out with. You’ll end up being positive and successful too.

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