National Lighthouse Day – August 7th

National Lighthouse Day honors and commemorates the beacon of light that symbolizes safety and security for boats at sea. We are thankful for the guidance offered by all Lighthouses to help us find our way safely through storms, fog, and rocky shores leading us safely to our home port.
We hope the clients and friends of Lighthouse Financial Advisors know that we chose this symbol of guidance, safety & security as the name of our firm to symbolize our mission to you every day. Like the Lighthouse keeper we are vigilant everyday working with you planning, preparing and setting goals so you can reach your home port safely. Uncertainty and risk will always be part of the journey. The work that we have done together prepares you for life’s uncertainty and allows you to take advantage of opportunities and avoid costly mistakes. The world suddenly feels full of panic and mayhem (we have been here before). We believe very strongly that doing the right things, the little and big things consistently everyday have positioned you to get through this storm and keep you moving safely to your home port.
On August 7, 1789, through an Act of Congress, the Federal Government took over responsibility for building and operating our nation’s lighthouses. The government recognized the importance to ships at sea to find safe harbor during fog and storms. Over the years, lighthouses have saved many ships, and an untold number of lives. Throughout maritime history, Lighthouses have shined their powerful, sweeping lights through the fog, storms and dark of night, allowing ships of all kinds to find their way back to port during inclement weather. With the advent of radar and GPS technology, lighthouses have taken a back seat in guiding ships to port. However, they remain the universal symbol of safety and security for boats at sea and the communities that rely upon the sea for their livelihood.
Perhaps you can enjoy National Lighthouse Day by visiting a lighthouse, or learning more about your local lighthouse preservation society. Or, tell one of your friends and family how your own personal “Lighthouse” helps guide you over the years past and is continually guiding you to your own Personal Financial Independence and Peace of Mind (FIPOM).

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