The relationship between your financial health and physical health are interwoven and very similar.

With both, if you feel scarcity, the more time spent ruminating about it.  When your health fails, it can be all consuming.  Having trouble financially, the mental energy committed to it can be draining.

Choices you make today have a huge impact on your future self.  Did you push yourself physically to maintain a strong foundation? Did you save enough for your future self’s independence?

Chasing the fad of the day can spell disaster. Are you trying to get fit with a 2 week detox program only to find yourself right back where you left off? Are you seduced by the financial media into thinking there are shortcuts and can’t miss investments?

You may be able to splurge once in a while, but bad habits can be your downfall.

Life’s vices feel good in the moment but can be devastating for both your health and finances.  We usually know what we should do, but that doesn’t always make it so.  Of course we know a balanced diet and exercise with plenty of sleep is what we should do. Of course we know we should save for the future, insure against life’s perils, and take a long term view.

Working with a professional can greatly improve your long term results.  A trainer can keep you motivated, safe, and provide an expert plan to reach your goals.  A Financial Planner can keep you from making costly mistakes, provide discipline in trying times, and help you realize your dreams.

Many people can get by without either, but your chance and speed of success are usually much higher with than without. There is an expense to both, but both are investments in yourself.

As in financial and physical health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Have you had your check up?