Change Your Lens, Change Your Story

Change your lens…change your story. Like putting a wide lens on a camera, choosing a different perspective can not only broaden our current perception of events but influence our behavior to produce more positive and long-lasting outcomes. We often let not only the history of our lives but the fear of the unknown control how we view present situations. These limiting perspectives often prevent us from seeing the true breadth of possibilities that lie before us. This narrow lens keeps our vision limited and restrained but in times of uncertainty, when it is easy to feel out of control and our stress levels begin to rise, the lens through which we choose to view the situation can be our most powerful tool. During difficult times, simply by realizing you choose your perspective, you empower yourself to influence the outcomes. Below are a few tips for changing your lens to better shape your narrative.


The Optimist’s Perspective

When we are stuck in a pessimistic perspective, which we can very quickly gravitate to in uncertain times, it prevents us from being curious and creative with the way we think about the future and the choices we have to forge a new path forward. What if, instead, we choose an optimistic perspective? What if we choose not to focus on anxiety and worry of the unknown and instead focus on positive outcomes by noticing what we can control? We empower ourselves to be optimistic realists who take positive steps towards conquering the challenges we face. We look instead through a lens of hope as we shift our vision to the big picture and find inspiration to get there one accomplishment at a time.


Focus on Resilience

“I’m sorry for what I said during quarantine.” No doubt this will become a popular meme post Covid era. During these unique and trying times we are all experiencing challenges in some way, shape or form. Our limits are being tested. Our patience, willpower and resolve are all on trial. Rather than looking through the lens of self-criticism, what if instead, you choose a growth mind set and find lessons in these missteps. What are we learning about ourselves? What have you overcome? What can you overcome? Some of the situations we find ourselves in may even be temporary. It’s an opportune time to take inventory of our blessings and be grateful for what we do have, including our own resilience.


See the Opportunity

Many of us are finding ourselves in new situations that are unfamiliar, unchartered and even unusual. It’s human nature for fear to take over the choices we make and it can quickly shape outcomes into disappointing results. There is opportunity here…to do things differently. Try new things. Take small risks. What are you noticing that has been missing from your life? What steps can you take to change that? When this is over and some normalcy returns to our lives, how will your life look? How do you want it to look?