Time is one of our greatest assets, yet it often seemingly passes through our lives without much thought or appreciation. One aspect of this is how little time we spend planning for our futures.  Americans on average spend more time buying a flat screen TV than planning for an IRA investment for their retirement years according to an annual survey by TIAA-CREF.  While this is just one example, we certainly find it very true that most people spend more time planning a week vacation than they do retirement planning.

The average amount of time reviewing and preparing taxes ranges from 10-16 hours.  They are so time intensive for two reasons:

  1. The tax code and forms are complex.  And so is every other aspect of financial planning!
  2. You are required to file your taxes.  Imagine if you were required to spend even an equal amount of time on your personal financial planning.

This would be a huge step forward for many people, but how far would you get? Could you….

  • Understand how human emotions trip up the best laid plans?
  • Select an investment allocation and develop a long term strategy during difficult times?
  • Ensure you’re saving & investing properly for your financial independence?
  • Set financial goals and quantify how to achieve them?
  • Ensure you’re properly insured, but not spending more than necessary?
  • Not just prepare your taxes, but continuously be tax planning?

The time it would take to replicate the experience and knowledge of a dedicated team of comprehensive financial planners & CPA’s  would be daunting…that’s why most don’t bother.  It is our full time job and passion; let us save you the time of tax planning and prep, and redirect that time towards meaningful long term planning.

We differ from most of our competitors in several ways. You should expect a lot from your financial advisor.

First, we are compensated exclusively by a flat fee paid by our clients thereby allowing us to work solely in our clients’ best interests. Our clients can trust that we have no agenda other than their financial well-being. It should be plan, process then investment vehicle.

The second major way in which we differ from our competitors is that we work as a team with our clients, providing personal attention every step of the way. At Lighthouse Financial Advisors, Inc. each client is given the attention of all of our personnel, is counseled in the same manner and receives the same innovative level of advice and hands-on, courteous service.

The third way we differ from our competitors is that we create customized solutions for our clients. Our specific advice in the areas detailed below significantly increases our clients’ chances of achieving their financial goals. Initially, we work with our clients over a three-month period to develop a comprehensive plan to achieve their financial goals. Most planners meet with you once to gather all your data and generate a generic plan which you are expected to implement on your own, or they use the plan to sell their firm’s financial products.

The fourth way we differ is that we provide continuous, ongoing advice that can be modified to accommodate a client’s life transitions and changing life circumstances.

The final way we differ is that we not only provide proactive tax strategies, but we implement those strategies by annually preparing our clients’ tax returns. Preparing our clients’ tax returns allows a seamless approach in the financial planning process.


Goal Setting
Setting attainable goals are the key to a sound financial plan. We help you set goals for the near term and for the long term, including: Retirement Planning, Education Planning and Business Transition.

Insurance Review
We review your insurance needs (property and causality, disability, life and others), current coverage and deductibles, as well as examine policies before you purchase them. We also help you coordinate your employee benefits packages.

Estate Planning
We can help you think through how you want your children taken care of and how your estate will be distributed with emphasis on reducing estate taxes and probate cost.



Portfolio Analysis
Are your present investments appropriate for your risk tolerance? Tax bracket? Long-term goals? Is your retirement plan-IRA, Keogh, 401(k), 403(b)-invested correctly? Are you taking full advantage of these accounts?

Asset Allocation Strategy
We will show you how to balance your investments to hedge against extreme economic cycles. We will show you how to appropriately diversify based on your investment horizon.

Implementation with No-load Mutual Funds
We analyze no-load mutual funds and make specific recommendations. There are no hidden sales charges in this service.



Tax Planning and Preparation
We prepare your income tax returns and provide you with professional advice year-round. We will teach you how to reduce your taxes. (Think of that tax savings each year as an easy way to help offset our fee.)

Audit Protection
If the IRS ever audits you, we will be there to assist you in the audit. With us, you will never have to face the IRS alone.

Record Keeping System
We will provide you with a computerized organizational system that requires minimal effort to maintain and is designed to maximize tax savings.