KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid), was the motto my high school basketball coach used to preach to us every practice.  Don’t try to force your passes; don’t do anything crazy when dribbling the ball; just stick to the basics and let the plays develop until you have the open shot.  Working at Lighthouse Financial Advisors and learning Robert’s views on the investment strategies for our clients, it is amazing to see a similar philosophy in place.  Our advisors do a great job of explaining to clients that it is not possible to “outsmart” the market.  Investors need to roll with the ups and downs, be patient and continue to keep their portfolios as diversified as possible.

The Investment Answer: Learn to Manage Your Money and protect Your Financial Future is a book I recently finished reading that does a phenomenal job of explaining how to simplify the investment decision for your clients in plain and simple English.  It is co-authored by Dan Goldie, an Investment Advisor who has been using Dimensional funds (also used by LFA) in his clients’ and Gordon Murray, who worked for Dimensional for many years himself.  They do a great job of cutting through all the financial mumbo-jumbo to explain the basics that we must know about investing in order to insure financial freedom.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please contact the LFA office.  We are confident that you will enjoy the book as well.