We are excited to share page 2 of the NEW Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct from the CFP Board – Effective October 1, 2019.

Being a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ holds us to these high standards of Ethics and Conduct. Here at LFA, we have always held ourselves to a stricter code and now others in the field will have to do the same.

Financial Planning is still a young profession compared to others out there – lawyers, doctors, etc. and it is still being molded further each year in existence. At Lighthouse Financial Advisors, we knew that the Future of excellent Financial Planning was in providing Ethical advice that helps you the most and now, the CFP Board is pushing this as well. This is a great step forward for the Financial Planning profession and we can’t help but love the fact that we were ahead of the curve – having the opportunity to provide ethical, conflict-free advice for all those who have walked through our doors.

Plan On!

Credit: CFP Board Code and Standards PDF found at https://www.cfp.net/docs/default-source/for-cfp-pros—professional-standards-enforcement/CFP-Board-Code-and-Standards-with-Commentary & https://www.cfp.net/for-cfp-professionals/professional-standards-enforcement/code-and-standards