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Employer Term Life Insurance

Have you elected additional Life Insurance through your company’s employee benefits?  Many people sign up for coverage because it is easy to acquire since there is slim to no underwriting requirement and have relatively low premiums.  While young, this approach can work if you like the idea of extra insurance on the cheap.  However, at […]

Team LFA Competes in Tough Mudder Competition

On a recent Sunday afternoon, five employees of Lighthouse Financial Advisors competed in the popular endurance event Tough Mudder consisting of over 20 obstacles on a hilly 10-mile course outside Allentown, Pennsylvania.   The competition encourages teamwork and camaraderie among participants while testing your physical and mental strength. In March, an ambitious goal was set to […]

Are You Taking Advantage of Everything Your Employer Offers?

Often times when we start a new job we complete many forms in the first few days/weeks related to the employee benefits offered by our new employer, such as, Savings Plan contributions, Medical Insurance Plans, Group Life Insurance, etc.  As a financial planner (and someone who recently started a new job!), I am aware of […]