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Working with Lighthouse Financial Advisors

There are many ways to work with us. Below is an outline of our services. We provide complimentary services to get you started, as well as in-depth wealth management packages to take your financial planning to the next level. Please reach out to us if you have any questions! If you are a business owner, we have a program designed specifically for you.




  • CLIENT VALUE: Ideal for the potential client interested in learning more about the services provided by Lighthouse Financial Advisors
  • DEPTH OF ANALYSIS: Basic overview of LFA and review of planning profile during a preliminary phone call or in-office meeting with advisor

Financial Review

  • CLIENT VALUE: Specific answers to 3 burning financial questions (following review of planning profile and initial consultation)
  • DEPTH OF ANALYSIS: Review of Financials with main focus on 3 immediate issues/topics, providing actionable and written recommendations based on your financial situation
  • Some assistance with execution of recommendations and follow-up by Lighthouse Financial Advisors

Wealth Management

MINIMUM $5,000**/YR
  • CLIENT VALUE:  Wants/Needs ongoing financial planning support, wants assistance in monitoring progress made over period of time, and ongoing financial coaching
  • DEPTH OF ANALYSIS: Ongoing and in-depth financial planning/ coaching, offering extensive advisory assistance
  • Extensive assistance with execution of recommendations and follow-up by Lighthouse Financial Advisors.

* Entire fee is applied to Wealth Management fee if commitment received within 6 months. ** Annual fee determined by income, assets and  complexity of work.

Charting the Course To Your Ideal Future

Goal setting is the cornerstone to sound financial planning because “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there!” Understanding your goals is probably the most important responsibility we have as your advisor, because it will define the success and characteristics of our relationship and help us shape the best financial advice unique to your personal situation.

Goals and Values Inventory

To prime the pump, we recommend taking the Goals and Values Inventory in the link below to help you identify and prioritize your goals.  We suggest setting aside at least 20 minutes to complete this exercise.

Goals and Values Inventory