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Why Should We Continue to Invest Globally?

As US equities have outperformed non-US stocks over the last several years, some investors may question the role that global diversification plays in their portfolios.  It is very easy to get caught up in the market swings during this unprecedented time, along with the outperformance of the largest U.S. companies. For the five-year period ending […]

COVID-19 and Market Thoughts

We are living through an unprecedented event. Schools, businesses, and parks are closed. People are stuck in their homes and are unable to visit friends and family. Children are being taught in virtual classrooms. Life itself and every aspect of life is challenged. This situation, just like the Covid-19 virus, is unique…however we can look […]

Fiduciary Since Day One!!

Recently, both the CFP® Board and the Securities and Exchange Commission have set higher standards of care & transparency when dealing with clients.  While both are welcome developments, they are still catching up to our pledge to uphold a fiduciary duty to our clients since Lighthouse Financial Advisors was founded in 1999! A fiduciary duty […]

Children’s Impact Under Tax Reform

Children’s Impact Under Tax Reform With the recent overhaul of the US tax system, it comes as no surprise that many are still trying to decipher how they are impacted by the changes. While media pundits have been quick to highlight the most dramatic changes (i.e. mortgage interest limitations, state tax deduction limits, lowered corporate […]

Successfully Managing a Financial Windfall

Financial windfalls come in varying ways, often unexpected or suddenly.  Whether an inheritance, company stock profits or sale, insurance settlement, or lottery winnings…. the unexpected pile of cash can create an initial sense of euphoria and a false sense of security. The vast majority of people blow through a financial windfall fairly quickly.  Whether large […]

Don’t Leave 401K Matching On the Table

We encourage clients to max out workplace retirement accounts when possible (401k limit is $18,000 annually, or $24,000 age 50+).  At a minimum, contribute as much as your employer will match; its free money! The employer matching is often structured as $.50 cents for every dollar you defer, up to 6% of your salary, effectively […]

Spend Your Time

Time is one of our greatest assets, yet it often seemingly passes through our lives without much thought or appreciation. One aspect of this is how little time we spend planning for our futures.  Americans on average spend more time buying a flat screen TV than planning for an IRA investment for their retirement years […]

Why We Love Robo-Advisors

One of the largest trends in investment advice is coming from an increasing number of online robo-advisors.  While services vary, the main service offering is an easy access investment plan and in some cases, basic financial planning advice.  We certainly appreciate their fee transparency (you should always know exactly what you pay for a service!) […]

I Got a Guy & Second Opinions

Many prospective clients we talk to already have someone they consider a financial advisor or close too.    Your guy could be an accountant that only prepares your taxes, but does little tax planning.  Or an insurance/annuity salesman where seemingly every problem can be fixed with complicated annuities or costly whole-life insurance.   All too […]

Benefits of a CFP® and CPA Relationship

Partnering with a Certified Financial Planner® who is also a Tax Professional (CPA or Enrolled Agent) can offer significant value and time savings.  There’s a close relationship between financial planning and taxes, but non tax professional advisors are not permitted to offer tax advice and are encouraged to partner with CPA’s to ensure proper tax planning […]